Red Bandit Adventure (updated version) –Attractiepark Slagharen (2024)

We were brought on board by IMA-Motion for the update of Slagharen’s darkride “Red bandit adventure”.

we created around 50 rough diamonds to enhance the storyline in the ride as well as 2 custom magpie’s and a skunk character.

Hollywood Christmas –Movie park germany (2023)

For Movie Park Germany’s first Hollywood Christmas event we were tasked with re-theming their London street set in Studio 7 for “A magical Christmas tale with Christian Farla” and the realisation of a big showpiece for their “Christmas Tree Celebration” show at the entrance.

Lost at the park –Attractiepark de Waarbeek (2023)

For Attractiepark De Waarbeek we created several body’s, custom props, masks and bodyparts for all of their Halloween experiences.

one of the showstoppers for this event was a custom made prop body modeled after a prominent featured character in the park with its belly ripped open and a water spraying feature.

Murder Museum –Movie park germany (2023)

For Movie Park Germany’s 25th edition of their Award winning event: “Halloween Horror Festival” We made a Custom prop body designed after one of the serial killers rooms that is portrayed in the maze: Ed Gein.

besides the prop body you can see different smaller props featured in the house like Ed Gein’s face mask that he used, a Nipple belt, a Leatherface styled apron and several bodyparts.

World Club dome Atlantis edition –World club Dome (2023)

For the Atlantis edition of the renowned German Festival “World Club Dome” in Frankfurt we created multiple props, statues, rockwork and thematic elements for their eye-catching fountain in their food court.

besides fabricating this Decorative fountain we also provide the design and technical drawings for the festival.

Funerarium –bellewaerde park (2022)

For Bellewaerde Park we created around 80 Prop Body’s, bodyparts, severed heads and gore props devided over 2 seperate haunted houses.

Funerarium was designed as a haunted Mortuarium where the props were in different states of decomposition, the highlight of this house was a hallway fully filled with bodies in body bags.

Mexican massacre –bellewaerde park (2022)

For Bellewaerde Park we created around 80 Prop Body’s, bodyparts, severed heads and gore props devided over 2 seperate haunted houses.

Mexican Massacre was themed to a Mexican serial killer so all the props were in made as realistic tortured victims of said serial killer who he’d displayed troughout the Maze itself.

Werewolf masks – The horror zone (2022)

For The Horror Zone’s event we made 4 custom werewolf masks for their Halloween experiences.

De Verraders –

IDTV (2022)

For the Dutch program “De Verraders” Scaredesignz delivered 20 different masks for a segment in their 2022 Halloween special.

The masks were used for a challenged and showcased on 20 individual mannequins to scare the participants.

Huyze Pelle –Attractiepark De waarbeek (2022)

For this Family park Scaredesignz provided multiple props and installed them on site for their new Haunted house:”Huyze Pelle”.

We took a lifecast of their main character/actor and duplicated his head with some adjustments and to fit the theme better.

Other props included skulls, severed heads, character heads and a full sized (decaying) skeleton.

Nachtdieren – BNNVARA (2021)

For this Dutch television program they visited my workshop while I was working at night to show off a few of the products I make and to tell a bit about my work.

Jungle themed waLL (2021)

A jungle themed wall in the progress of finishing for an adventure game.
Still some details to finish here, signage to be added and more themed props to be made.

Concept design, Construction, Painting and final detailing all done in house to ensure that the end result would match our custom designed concept arts.

killer clown costumes (2020)

Creating 7 costum full clown costumes for a german client.

fabrication Coloring, sizing and overall creative process in communication with the client.

Every aspect of the costume created in house to ensure the quality and uniqueness of the final product

First aid wounds (2020)

For this project a college asked for 34 individual wounds for their Firsts aid classes.

After the college purchased the 34 mannequins pieces they contacted me to transform them in to 34 different wounds that their student could take care of.

besides the assurance of lifelike quality the main goal was to integrate the wounds in to the already existing material and to make sure they are durable enough to withstand many years of use without lose of quality.